Cancun Culinary Scene Exploding

Enjoy the exquisite flavor of the international food in Cancun

Presented by Palace Resorts

By Crystal McCormick

If you think the Cancun foodie scene is limited to street tacos, bland resort fare, and frozen margaritas, you may want to take a second look at Mexico’s top vacation spot.

Sure, there was a time when eating out while vacationing in Cancun was relegated to gimmicky Mexican grub, but as of late, the popular tourist city is proving to be quite the foodie destination for vacationers that crave unforgettable culinary experiences while on holiday.

Whether it’s due to the rich traditions and unique flavors of Mexican cuisine, the plethora of fresh-caught Caribbean seafood, or Mexico's homegrown crop of talented young chefs, there’s no denying that Cancun has transformed into a bucket list dining destination for gourmet travelers.

In fact, Cancun’s burgeoning food scene boasts an impressive Wine & Food Festival which lures foodies with unique and unparalleled gastronomic events, national, and international star chefs, renowned sommeliers, extraordinary wines, and the best liquors and spirits to live a great culinary experience in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

The city’s recent culinary movement has also made it a magnet for international chefs, solidifying Cancun as the place to experience a top-notch eating adventure while vacationing.

Mexican food, a whole culinary experience

In the latest example of edible excellence to grace Cancun, Massimo Bottura, the culinary genius behind the world-renowned restaurant Osteria Francescana, is bringing his talents to Moon Palace Cancun this August.

Osteria Francescana, which is known for its pop-art inspired reinvention of classic Italian cuisine, just took the top spot on the World's 50 Best Restaurants 2018 list, which makes Bottura’s visit to Cancun that much more exciting for food travelers. 

In the Osteria Francescana Experience, guests can partake in an upscale dining experience with Bottura, with proceeds going to Food for Soul, the chef’s non-profit organization that creates and sustains community kitchens around the world to 

This isn’t the first time that the upper echelons of culinary masters have brought their expertise to Cancun, especially at Moon Palace Resorts. Earlier this year, Spain's Michelin-starred chef Joan Roca hosted a unique two-night culinary experience exclusively at the luxury resort, gracing guests with a taste of his award-winning cuisine as part of the brand’s commitment to elevating its epicurean experiences.

And last year, Moon Palace Resorts secured a partnership with world-renowned pastry chef Antonio Bachour, offering a selection of his prize-winning desserts at all of their oceanfront properties in Mexico and Jamaica. What’s more, Palace Resorts’ executive pastry chefs underwent robust training with Bachour to learn about his specific techniques, tailored recipes, and unmatched presentation, to ensure each dessert uniquely reflects an exquisite work of art. The lineup of world-renowned visiting chefs, coupled with a dedication to creating top-class restaurants at its resorts, has positioned Moon Palace Resorts as a welcomed destination for foodies across the globe.

It’s not just European chefs that are making waves in Cancun. Local Mexican chefs are also holding their own in the culinary world, including Enrique Olvera (Mexico City’s Pujol) and Alejandro Ruiz (Casa Oaxaca), just to name a few. Home-grown talent combined with Cancun’s increasingly food-savvy tourists may be yet another reason why the city is beginning to flourish in the world food scene.

Any way you cut it, it’s hard to deny that Cancun is in the midst of transforming its spring-break image for a serious contender as one of the world’s top foodie destinations.