Bleisure Travel Makes Trips "All Work, Then Play"

Bleisure travel, the new business travel trend

Presented by Palace Resorts

By Brant Long

Business travel. It once meant early morning flights, hours-long conferences with few breaks and then a red-eye back home. No more. Where “all work, no play” may have once been the mantra, these days it’s now “all work, then play” as savvy business travelers are combining both business and fun.

It’s called bleisure travel and while the name may not roll off the tongue, the benefits are astounding. Rather than cram travel into 1-2 days, bleisure travelers typically extend their business trips to take advantage of sightseeing and activities in the surrounding area.

Whether the goal is to decompress after an intense negotiation or just check out somewhere new, bleisure is rapidly becoming the go-to mode of travel for the busy professional.

Here are three tips to help you get the most out of bleisure travel. 

Find a place that works and plays: Instead of moving from your conference location to your vacation spot, do it all at the same place. All-inclusive resorts like Moon Palace Resorts in Mexico and Jamaica provide both sides of the bleisure coin in one destination.

Boasting expansive and diverse meeting spaces with the latest technology, business travelers at Moon Palace Resorts can get to business while enjoying amazing views. And once the conference ends, they can quickly jump into their swim trunks or golf shoes and enjoy the numerous activities that an all-inclusive resort provides. The Cancun area, for example, provides everything from stunning beach vistas on the Yucatan Peninsula to world-class golf courses and excursions to historic and mysterious Mayan ruins

Bring the whole company: There’s no need to just invite your executive team to the next conference either. With meeting spaces that seat thousands, everyone can be a part of your next event. Moon Palace Cancun's Arena features 140,000 square feet of multi-use space and can be configured to seat as many as 10,000 people. So bring the whole team or expand your business conference invite list tenfold. There’s room for all of them. 

Or, if you’re looking for something more intimate, try the smaller meeting spots such as a room on the grounds of the spa. The options are almost endless, meaning your only goal will be keeping folks more interested in your presentation and less on the views.  

Look for the perks: Vacation destinations have quickly adapted to satisfy the bleisure traveller with more than just room service and fresh towels. Moon Palace Resorts is among the resorts now offering incentives to conference guests that range from spa and excursion packages to nightlife and specialized food and beverage options. Complete your conference day with a massage or early evening scuba trip.

Not only will it make attendees happy, it will also make for fresh, enlivened discussions for the rest of the event. Suddenly, everyone is looking forward to that week-long business trip. 

Imagine packing your bag with a smile as you prep for that next business trip. Indeed, with bleisure opportunities continuing to grow, there’s no need to dread the next time you seek or plan a business event. Your only worry will be remembering to pack your swimsuit.