Cozumel Hosts Ironman Extravaganza

Vibrate of emotion with the iron man race in Cozumel

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From September through November, Ironman events transform Cozumel, Mexico into an athlete's playground. The island oasis hosts the Ironman 70.3, the Ironkids, GFNY Cozumel, and the Ironman Cozumel.

While athletes test their endurance, spectators marvel at their skills while cheering them on. Both take advantage of the events to enjoy all the island has to offer at resorts like Cozumel Palace, located along the Ironman route providing easy access to and from a variety of race-related activities.

“You can arrive on Cozumel island a couple of days before your race, train without interruption, complete your race, and then spend a couple of days relaxing with all Cozumel has to offer afterwards.”

Balance of Beauty and Bravado

Miguel Castillo Guerrero, 29, has participated in Ironman events around Mexico for several years, but says the Cozumel events are his favorites because of the balance of physical beauty and challenging road courses.

Castillo competed in the Ironman 70.3 the past three years and this year will be the first he takes on the full Ironman race on the island. “The starting point at Chankanaab Park might be the best swimming course in the world. The water visibility is very clear and there are almost never waves so you can swim fast,” he said.

Although Cozumel is relatively flat, Castillo says competitors often mistakenly believe that the picturesque island is a relatively easy Ironman course, devoid of major challenges. Among them is the 20 kilometer bike trek on the Caribbean side of the island forces riders to confront winds strong enough to blow riders off their line.

“When you are in the wind tunnel it is extremely challenging,” he explained, “But the view to your right is breathtaking.”

Beyond the beauty and challenge of Ironman Cozumel, Castillo said the island races represent a perfect opportunity to piggyback a post-race vacation to help relax and enjoy the total experience. He says many Ironmen take the opportunity to book stays at resorts like Cozumel Palace to make the most of their trip.

“You can arrive on Cozumel island a couple of days before your race, train without interruption, complete your race, and then spend a couple of days relaxing with all Cozumel has to offer afterwards.”

Here’s a look at each race in the coming months:

An Ironman For Every Kind of Athlete

Cozumel's Ironman 70.3 Blasts Off on September 24

The firing pistol starts with Ironman 70.3. Some of the best athletes will swim the Caribbean, bike rugged terrain, and finish with a vigorous run. Participants can choose 2 or 4-hour competition spans. Test your endurance as routes navigate the 1.2 miles of ocean swimming, 56 miles of biking, and 13.1 miles of running. Feed fierce competitive spirits while enjoying clear blue seas and majestic Mayan views.

Children’s Ironkids Submarine Adventure

On September 30, children can show their athletic prowess with Ironkids. This year’s theme is Submarine Adventure. Root for 200 youth participants competing in running, swimming, and biking. Young athletes will make new friends amidst island fun.

After Ironkids, children can enjoy the kid-friendly state-of-the-art Playroom at Cozumel Palace. Best part? Kids and teens stay free.

Bike the GFNY Cozumel

On November 12, the Gran Fondo New York brings cycling to a Mayan paradise. Often described as the top cycling event in Mexico, participants travel down majestic Mayan coastlines. Cyclists, heed the call for competition! Bike 20 miles of coastal trails with vigorous, challenging winds.

Show Your Strength in the Ironman Cozumel

The culmination of this year’s Ironman events takes place November 26 with Ironman Cozumel. This endurance tester includes a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile bike ride around the Mayan beauty of Cozumel.

The triathlon finishes with a 13 mile run amidst island greenery and sea breezes. Cross the finish line knowing a deep pressure massage awaits you. After the contest, a hero-worthy dinner awaits racers and spectators alike for Palace Resorts’ guests at Cozumel Palace’s Turquesa Restaurant. Of course, you can always enjoy quiet room service – offered 24 hours a day – when a recovery in bed is all you need.

Enjoy Cozumel Fun by Sea or Land

Off the east coast of Mexico, in the calm waters of the Caribbean, you’ll find Cozumel. Turquoise waters embrace this island oasis providing aquatic activities and exotic wildlife. Inland, the beautiful San Gervasio Ruins provide historical context for the pre-Colombian Mayan civilization. Find fascinating sea life in the local waters. Take a dip and swim with tropical fish, four shark species, dolphin, and sea turtles. The island provides a perfect landscape for Ironman events and after-play affairs.

Bask in Tranquil Surroundings and Enjoy Delicious Fare

Cozumel Palace knows that even an Ironman needs pampering. Guests rest easy in gorgeous suites overlooking pristine Caribbean waters. Enjoy delicious meals in one of the laid-back indoor settings or go formal with elegant dinner fare. Treat sore, exhausted muscles to a deep-tissue massage. Feeling adventurous? The intriguing fish spa treatment with Garra Rufa fish is sure to please. “Doctor fish” remove dead, calloused skin from triathlon-exhausted feet.

Fall is the Perfect Time for a Cozumel Adventure

Fall in Cozumel provides the perfect backdrop for adventure and relaxation. Families, couples, and solo adventurers have an overflowing Cozumel calendar. Tranquil waters, engaging water sports, and the explorable coral reef is all within reach. The Cozumel climate is perfect. Cozumel's daytime reaches the high 80s while breeze-ushered evenings fall to the mid 70s. Every day is the perfect day for Caribbean fun.