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You checked your calendar and noticed that May 5th is right around the corner, and your heart skipped a beat because you know what that<\/em> means: Hard-partying people wearing Mexican sombreros\u2026 Bottomless bowls of chips and guac\u2026 Shot after shot of Tequila\u2026 Colorful pi\u00f1atas hanging from the roof of your preferred watering hole\u2026 That\u2019s right, it\u2019s Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican national holiday that everyone knows and loves!<\/p>\r\nSettle down, my amigos, it\u2019s not quite<\/em> like that. Granted, Cinco de Mayo is a huge deal in America, but oddly enough in Mexico it doesn\u2019t carry the same panache. That doesn\u2019t mean you should stop yourself from getting loose with a few cold beers and some pico de gallo \u2013 or even choosing to shoot over to Cancun to celebrate<\/a> \u2013 but we\u2019ll let you in on a few secrets that will give new significance to this annual event. So grab another taquito and listen up\u2026\r\n\r\n